Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow! Blown away!

Wow guys, I will admit I went to bed last night feeling a tad low. So many amazing people that I was in danger of losing touch with all because I am a bit impulsive and hot headed!!!

I was even beginning to wonder how would I keep my motivation going to stay the way I had become (let alone do the really hard part which is the last 10%)

Then when I got to work I looked at my hotmail account and there was a message from Jo (JAG) saying that she had joined the facebook page. Oh well I thought if it is just me and her, who better to share a corner of cyberspace with!

So I logged on to Facebook and it seems 30 of you little rascals have already got there nad joined up!!!

To say that I am chuffed would be an understatement. But this is not about me it is about providing something for people that does not exist elsewhere.

I would like the Facebook page to be a place for people who have got past the foothills of the process and know that to climb the mountain the you have to be in control of your own feet.

That does not mean we do not all need a bit of help from each other from time to time but it does mean an acceptance of the fact that change has to come from within.

To get some better idea of what I am saying I would urge anyone in doubt to go the the facebook page and look at the discussion initiated by Marianne 'Why are we here' I could not have put it better so I won't try.

What I do know is that as a group we are stronger than as individuals and I for one would love to be able to continue sharing this journey with other people.

My main question now is what do people want from the Lean For Life facebook page? I have started a discussion there so please feel free to put your thoughts.

Also anyone who is adept at getting the most from facebook please let me know as I am a bit of a novice, the page does allow me to make others 'admin'.


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  2. I'm afraid I'm still a bit at the foothill stage Will. Can I still join in????

  3. Hi Will

    If you need any advice on building traffic and use of Facebook etc visit my blog social media campaigns SEO copywriting etc is what my company does.

    I'll add as often as I can to the Facebook page but like WLR I may not be a regular contributor as my workload often takes up the bulk of the day

    Let me know if you need any further hints and tips :)

    Great blog best of luck with the Facebook page

    Pearl La Peregrina

  4. Hey Will
    Just to let you know I dont do facebook long story!!! so I'm not joining only for that reason, good luck with it and see you on the blogs!!

  5. Hello Will, I just wanted to say that I am sure the reason you were booted of WLR is because you tell the truth and that means WLR whole USP about you can eat what you like as long as you stick to your calories was in danger of being disproved! You will be fine without WLR, you haven't got as far as you have without reeducating yourself ;o)

    Katt :o)

  6. Katt, you know really had not thought of that! You may be right. I have thought about this and yes a calorie is just a calorie in pure physics but put unleaded into a deisel car and see how far it gets you!

  7. I'm in the foothills with Samantha70. I'd still like tag along behind if that's okay :O)