Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My my this page has been busy!

I have just checked my stats and it seems that there have been something like 6 X the pervious highest number of views of my blog page than the previous busiest day!

Thank you to all those who have looked in be they the curious, the supportive or just the downright happy to see me gone from WLR!

As dear ol d Oscar Wilde said "There i sonly one thing worse than being talked about.....and that is not being talked about!

Now what can I do tomorrow to get those sort of numbers again. perhaps the towel shot without the towel!!!


  1. for the love of God, NO !!

    Leave the towel on.

  2. I don't think you ned to do that, as I posted a message asking for your blog address and have had quiet a few others PM'ing me asking for it :D

    I've noticed in a mere coupel of hours your number of followers has gone up by over 10% :D

  3. Yes, your followers have gone up by quite a few - I hope you are all following me too ;)

  4. I echo Adamski - KEEP THAT TOWEL ON!! Glad folk have found you!!
    You were first on my list JAG - honest:):)

  5. Worry not good people that was an empty threat! But you are all very welcome here.

  6. Purely supportive ……. Very unhappy to see you gone from WLR! Now then better go add myself to JAGs list & chocolatebutton & whoever else I find on the way!!!!