Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farewell to WLR

I had quoted it as a favourite website but it seems it is not one where freedom of speech has any place. Following unexplained and undiscussed complaints they summirarily terminated my membership.

This is a shame because I met some very good people there but it seems we are living in an increasingly sanitised world where is you deviate from the accepted norm you can no long er be tolerated.

Me today who next?


  1. The WLR thing totally stinks. There is a lot of support on the boards for you Will.
    Love Extremeweazle

  2. OMG between you and a couple of others there, you were the only ones that seemed to get it right...
    Your bodies spoke louder than the words
    So So sorry to see what is happening over there...
    Keep up the good work here, I am sure you will have loads come to see you
    Su :)

  3. I send you a PM but not sure you got it now. I don't know what to say. It goes beyond me!! You might be provocative and very opinionated but at least that makes people think about their behaviour and that has to be a good thing! It has helped me that is for sure... I hope you keep blogging :)

    All the best!

    Caroline x

  4. Hi Will, I missed all that had gone on today, so I've just popped by to say that you will be missed. I don't know the ins and outs, but I have always enjoyed your posts, your enthusiasm and general helpfulness - even if I haven't always agreed.
    Best of luck, and I will pop in to check how you are going.

  5. Can I just add to all three of you thank you for your support, I will miss all those people more than I realised. It feels a bit cold out here on my own!

    I would also like to add and I would appreciate it isf someone could make it clear on the boards that there was nothing that went on behind the scenes no nasty pm's or anything like that.

    True I can be opinionated and true a bit of a hot head sometimes but I dislike the implication that there was anything more to it than was in the public domain.

  6. Wow! I always seem to miss the drama. I've never seen anything from you that'd make me complain in the slightest. To be honest, I'm a bit unimpressed that you've been banned.

  7. Will - so sorry to hear that you have been banned from WLR

    Your success is a great inspiration to me and I was always happy to read you opinions and advice.

    It's such a shame, but I shall be following you blog so keep it up...

    Maybe you could start a group on facebook or something?

    Take care

    Jo (jj190870)

  8. Hey you! I also PM'd you not reading this first! Hoping you are ok and to be fair there are a few others on there that should be banned (not saying you should have been) those who offer nothing other than nasty comments and never have anything of any use to post themselves - still we have to feel sorry for those people and ha ha your Suzie comment had be LMAO!! Still keep smiling and blogging X

  9. I have totally missed everything that has gone on. Sounds like a nightmare!
    Don't let it get you down! We can all follow you on here!

  10. I'll be *following* you here Will as your posts were always thought-provoking in a good way!
    Been out all morning so just caught up with some of it but posts had been deleted so don't really know anything, damn!
    Anyway will get your e-mail to Tina and she'll contact about the challenge - I'm sure you can still post on it because it's a google spreadsheet and we all want the competition, lol.
    Texa, xxx

  11. been off the boards, and what a shame; I've always appreciated your advice and positive outlook, although am not a long time user of WLR. very best of luck, Will!

  12. Hi Will, I'm so very sorry this has happened. Hope you keep blogging :)

    Katrina (casey76)

  13. Hi, Will!
    I just logged in to find all this furore about you being banned from the WLR boards for reasons I don't understand. I got the impression you inspired many people, even tho' I wasn't one of them and am bewildered as to why you should have been outlawed because of your posts, particularly as there was nothing nasty going on behind the scenes.
    Just wanted to add my support.
    Hope all continues to go well with you and your weight-loss/shaping up.

  14. Wow! I left a while ago so missed all this. What a shame, I've always liked your posts.

  15. hi Will, just wanted to add my support too! I just read what I think was the problematic thread and I thought you did nothing to provoke the criticism you received. And while you may have responded strongly, you certainly did not fire the first shot. I'm appalled that you've been kicked off the site. I agree that those who disagree with your point of view have a choice whether or not to read it and equally those who are interested/do agree should've been allowed to continue to read it. I don't always agree with your posts but I've always been interested in reading them.

    Who'd have thought weightloss could be so controversial!

    Anyways, good luck with everything and thank you for all the helpful posts you made.

  16. Hi Will,

    I could not find you on WLR and remembered you had a Blog somewhere - “look I found you” - Flipping heck what happened.. hope you are not feeling too dejected.

    I must say you were the most wonderful support to me during my trials and tribulations and the best person to use as a sound board when I needed it, Thank you sooooo much…..

    I hope you are doing well and that you are still enjoying the running and feeling motivated.

    Kind regards to you and your family.

    Please take care & I will call in to see how you are doing

    Sheila x