Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lean For Life

In the course of todays events someone said why don't you set up a facebook page. well I have done just that and have called it 'Lean For Life'.

It is not in anyway in direct competition with WLR as I just do not have anything like their resources, but it seems to me it might be nice where people who have had a certain amount of success with what they are striving to do and have tended to stick to the clean food/cardio/ weights message can have a place of their own and on which they can discuss their way of doing things .

I have no idea what it might become but it strikes me that as much as I got into trouble for saying it on WLR there were a number of people for whom the penny had dropped and this seemed to be making a huge difference to their results.

So I have set this facebook page up as a place where those of a like mind can help and encourage others without some of the 'periferal' stuff that goes on on WLR. It costs nothing so I thought it worth a try.

Blogs can be promoted shamelessly and any photos that are OK with Facebook are OK with me!

Can be found on:!/pages/Lean-For-Life/288223610955?ref=ts

1 comment:

  1. Bit slow of the mark(you would not believe how long it took me to figure out how get an account to post a comment) but wanted to show you my support. Always love your posts so well though out know and appreciate your effort unlike some.
    You'd better keep up with Tina's challenge I've been getting very slack since leaving in Nov and it shows surprisingly quickly!
    Keep up the good work and it might be worth checking out shapefit's fit tracker website if you need a free tracking tool.
    x opal78