Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drawing a line and moving on

Had time to consider, and what has happened with my fall out from WLR is probably for the best. Clearly my sensibilities and some people on that site are not the same, and not having been there for years and years I suppose I was bound to get the smelly end of the stick.

Perhaps there was some resentment of the fact from those who saw fit to complain that I had managed to do in four months what they it seems were still struggling to do after years of trying. It takes all sorts.

However I don’t go away that easy and anyone who is interested in how I am doing can follow on my blog as I will now change it to being a little more like some of the others which are more a kin to an online diary of how I am doing.

One thing I am absolutely sure of is that I will not let this derail me in the slightest.

Should anyone want to stay in touch or would like any help with anything you can get in touch at

Oh and Suzie? Never was anyone so misnamed.

Laters people!


  1. Just commented on post below! Will you dont need WLR you know what you want to achieve and have followers on here, there are other sites for nutrient logging - onwards!! x

  2. CB thanks for that can you recommend a good food logging site?

  3. Hi Will, don't know what happened as I missed the posts on WLR (damned work!) I know some people who use fitday and Foodfocus to log food.

  4. Off the top of my head the daily plate, fitday, both US ones but pretty good and as you mainly only eat real food shouldnt be an issue!

  5. ps if any consolation it seems quite a few people have cancelled their membership on the back of whatever happened! x

  6. Hello Will its Mossy here. If you go to your favourites just cut and paste them into excel. Takes a few mins but its worth it.

  7. Hi Will,
    I also missed what happened. Like CB said, you don't need WLR!
    Some members mentioned:

    I've never tried it myself.

    I'll be following ur blog :)

    Maryam (meem)

  8. Mossy,

    unfortunately WLR's retribution was so swift and so thorough I didn't even get the chance!!!!

    Still life goes on and as CB has said now that I know 'how' to eat as long as I do not let it get too much I should be fine!

  9. Well I hope they're refunding any membership left oweing!

  10. ah shame, really! will visit your blog from time to time and I really hope you'll stay on in the challenge :-)

  11. I think Suzie is very sexy.

    And she has hardly single-handedly had you removed from WLR.

  12. 12345

    Good for you. I have no idea who or how many of them it took. The 'Help Team' would say nothing.

    I think Kangaroo Court is the phrase I am looking for.

  13. don't get rid of me that easily...I am considering my WLR membership given their weak, bland and non-commital response to my messages earlier today. Whilst they would not get personal, they intimated that your membership had been terminated due to months of indiscretion, not just an isolated incident.
    Anyway, onward and upward...Tina and I will deffo be hounding you via your blog...good luck mate and I really do hope you will keep in touch...I will send you an email so you have my address

  14. I concur with 12345, suzie is very sexy - what a childish response to whatever happened.

    p.s. i don't actually read this blog of borington but gossipmill lead me to stick up for a very good friend.