Monday, October 19, 2009

OK I admit it I have been remiss!

Having been told off by two people on WLR for not updating my blog here I am as instructed!

I suppose I didn’t update as in the past I have tended to do it when something specific came up, and not much has in the last six weeks so perhaps it would be good for me to just update how things are going on my personal journey.

I will admit that I have had something of a re-appraisal of my goals. When I started out at nearly 16 stones I set my goal at 11 stones. Why because some chart said that this was the ideal weight for someone of my height!

So I had a re-think on goals. In fact my question to myself having got this far was ‘how would it be if I lost no more body fat/weight’ the answer is that it would not make much difference at all. So what should I do give up and go back to my old ways/lifestyle? Not on your Nellie!!!

So that prompts the next question “what would it be like to maintain my healthy eating and exercise for the rest of my life?”

The answer is that it would not be difficult, I am eating better than ever before, I am fitter than I have been for years and perhaps most importantly I am feeling better (in terms of my overall health) than at anytime I can remember.

So no going back from here, whatever the outcome from here in terms of fat/weight loss the goal now is to maintain the very healthy eating I have adopted (for most of the time there will be times when it is just not right to be to over fussy about food) and more importantly continue enjoying the exercise!

Finally a promise not to leave the next update another 6 weeks!

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